In need of last minute help for the 2015 Nike Women’s Run, Reef Agency sprung into action, given only 24 hours to get the job done. The challenge: recruit, onboard and train 75 young, attractive, fit female brand ambassadors. More than 15,000 runners participated in what has become the largest running series in the world.


PepsiCo looked to Reef Agency to raise awareness of two of their biggest brands, Harvest Fruit & Nut bars and three flavours of Crispy Minis’. We put our hungry minds to work immediately to create the concepts and deliver a national program for both brands. We developed the entire program which included branded vehicles, uniforms,

Taco Bell

When Taco Bell needed to create a buzz about their new menu, we produced a PR stunt that captured the nation’s attention. Creating an online social campaign via Facebook Live and a viral video that left viewers hungry for the Steakadilla, Taco Bell’s newest menu feature. We transformed Canada’s busiest Taco Bell into an Airbnb

Why Your Brand Needs In-Store Demos & Product Sampling

The goal of any marketing initiative is to acquire customers and to build and maintain a relationship with them. And while there are numerous ways to do this, few allow you such perfect circumstances to directly reach and engage your target audience as in-store demos and product sampling. Gone are the days when in-store demonstrations


Head hunted away from Brazilian ad agencies, Ticiana provides consistent dedication, creativity and management to both small and large clients, equally. She’s a no nonsense, truth teller, she’ll give it to you straight, but everything sounds better in Portuguese.